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NSU - Forums Depuis.../ Since... Description Pays / Country Langues / Languages
Motorcycle forum   Andy Jankowitsch´s MC forum  D GB
Jan Troli´s Homepage   A motorcycle forum which also contains ads! Mostly in Norwegian.  N GB
NSU- Diskussion   A German Yahoo- group  D D
Dutch club forum   NSU- forum in dutch  NL NL
Lien général sur NSU / Links with general NSU content Depuis.../ Since... Description Pays / Country Langues / Languages
Station NSU (Depuis le 15 Juillet 2010) 15/07/10 Site international sur NSU, traduit en 55 langues par Google, de Mickaël et Jean-Claude Bouvarel / International site on NSU, translated into 55 languages by Google, of Mickaël and Jean-Claude Bouvarel F

55 langues / 55 languages
Passion NSU (Depuis le 25 Décembre 2007) 25/12/07 Le Blog de Jean-Claude Bouvarel, passionné Français de NSU depuis 1966 ! / Jean-Claude Bouvarel's blog, French enthusiast of NSU since 1966 ! F
NSU-Freund Thomas   One of the nicest NSU sites on the net so far!   D D
Official page of NSU Österreich      Absolutely one of the top NSU sites on the net. Stylish too! creator: Andreas Herberholt  A  D   First Swiss homepage! By Fredy Schläpfer  CH  D
Pentti Pihjala´s NSU    NSU from Finland  FIN GB
NSU-   Site by Karl Heinz Schepeler   D  D 
NSU- Schneider     Cars and motorbikes (Here is a new book, "The way to the Worls Championship" to be found)   D   D
NSU- welt     NSU by Hermann Mayer   D  D   I am not sure how to characterize this homepage..   D   D
Peter Den Hond    A Keen Dutch NSU collector  NL  NL
J-P Charlet´s NSU page   NSU of Belgium II  B NL-F
NSU Greifzu    Lutz Seyfarth´s super homepage, Motorcycles are dominating  D  D
NSU Vrienden   Another good Dutch NSU site  NL NL 
Clubs NSU / NSU Clubs Depuis.../ Since... Description Pays / Country Langues / Languages
K70- Freunde   The German K70- Club D   D
Wankel Spider Club e.v.   Wankel Spider Club  D  D
NSU RO 80 Club Deutschland e.V.   The Ro80 Club D   D
NSU Prinz I.G.v.1980 e.v   NSU- I.G. + Zweirad I.G.  D  D
NSU Prinz Club Schwaben   NSU- Prinz Club Schwaben e.V  D  D
Nsu Team Stade Niederelbe   Submitted by "Der Onkel" D  D 
Quicklyfreunde Neckarburken     A Quickly moped club D  D 
NSU Quickly Club Bexhövede   Another Quickly moped club D   D
NSU I.G Odenwald    The Odenwald Club  D  D
Ro80 club Bad Homburg   Site managed by Roland Reimold D   D
NSU I.G Berlin   Berlin- based NSU- Club D  D 
NSU Club Nordfriesland   NSU- Club Nordfriesland  D D 
Scuderia NSU    Scuderia NSU Süddeutschland D  D 
NSU- Freunde Oberbayern   NSU Bavaria D   D
NSU- Freunde Bramsche     Manfred Feik & Co D  D 
NSU- Freunde-Breisgau   The Breisgau- club  D D 
NSU- Club Lahn-Dill     D  D 
NSU Club Belgium   The Belgian Club B NL-F
NSU- NL     The Dutch Club NL
Nordic NSU Venner   Our  NSU- Club for Denmark, Sweden and Norway DK DK-S-N
NSU Club Danmark   The other NSU- Club in Denmark  DK DK 
NSU Club Italia   The Italian Club I I
NSU Team Czech Republic   The Hyrman´s with loads of NSU Rép.Tch.  Rép.Tch.
NSU Fan Club Ch   Swiss club I  CH D
NSU Club Zürcher Oberland   Swiss club II CH D  
Svenska Wankel registret   The Swedish Wankel registry S S 
NSU Israel     Plenty of NSU:s in Israel! IL IL-GB
NSU Quickly Club Argentina   Argentinian Quickly moped club RA E
Club Argentino Microcoupés     Argentinian micro car club  RA E 
NSU CLUB ESPAÑA    The Spanish Club!!! E
Club NSU France (Depuis 1988) 1988 Le Club Français NSU ! F F
Motos / Motorcycles Depuis.../ Since... Description Pays / Country Langues / Languages   Andreas Jankowitsch´s super page about 125, 250 & 500 NSU:s  D 
Ulli's NSU Page   NSU motorcycle- page with i.e downloadable parts list. A truly good page!  D 
Max und Kettenkrad IG    NSU Max & Kettenkrad- site  D 
GB   Konsul- heaven!!!  D 
D   Max by Frank Martin  D 
D   Max by Stefan Babli  D 
Oldtimer picture gallery     Andrei Bogomolov´s NSU- gallery RUS RUS 
Bob´s NSU Fox   An ex-Serbian Fox in the US USA GB     A really Fox y page by Mike & Günther D    D   
Mcmertens     More Fox  D  
D      The rise and fall of the NSU- empire USA  GB 
eurospares      If You scroll down the page you will find some nice NSU- pohots not often seen.  USA GB 
Eberhards Motorradsite   NSU Pretis Maxi D     D   
Harold Nuttal   A "nut" in  racing all sorts of  NSU two-wheelers. Check the racing- Quickly!! GB 
NSU Max     A Danish Max under restoration  DK


Museo de la Moto Clásica     If You click further in You will find some Spanish made NSU:s  E  E
Peper Kfz  GmbH   Restoration objects + pic´s and data. D 
Diffusion Industrielle Française   A list of data on NSU "Zweirad" in French!!  F F   A site about the NSU bike made in 1927-29.  look also in suppliers links for his book!! D  D   
Euroteh- Gas   A Yougoslav 1909 NSU 2½ PS  D  D   
Tottes    A Max this guy once owned  S
Tom´s website     NSU:s by Thomas Baumgartner   D
Grossdeutschland     501 OSL under restoration in USA  USA GB
motocykle NSU   NSU motorcycles in Poland  PL PL
NSU- tuning   Motorcycle tuning in Danish DK DK
Dejan Matic   Pretis Maxi from Serbia  SRB GB
Sitting Max    A two- stroke NSU- fan  D D 
NSU Brasil   Loads of interesting brasilian NSU history BR BR
Vimpy´s NSUparadise   NSU´s from Finland FIN
Wilhelm Herz   The racing legend   D  D 
NSU Quickly Depuis.../ Since... Description Pays / Country Langues / Languages   Berthold Krippl´s Quickly and spare parts  D GB 
NSU Quickly Club Bexhövede   A Quickly moped club  D D 
Gerts veteranmopedsida      A moped page in Swedish by a Guy with a pretty name  ;0)  S  S 
Family Hansen   A Danish family with an NSU and Kreidler interest
Meiks Quickly- Seiten   Some Quickly bits  D D 
50cc Records   Danish page about the Baumm- records at Bonneville  DK DK 
Albert Huizinga   Albert Huizinga, and his all sorts of two-wheelers. Here is a Quickly!! GB
NSU Quickly Club Argentina   Argentinian Quickly moped club  RA E
Speedriders    Another moped page only in Swedish.   S   S 
Kristian Körkel   Quiklies galore!  D D 
Simon Schütte   Quickly page in Swedish and German  S   S   Quikly Fan- Club D  D 
Roger Worton´s   Quickly Spares!!  GB  GB
Liens sur Münch / Münch links Depuis.../ Since... Description Pays / Country Langues / Languages
Micapeak   Some Münch pictures  USA GB 
Münch Mammut 2000     The Münch lives! D  D 
Münch Museum   The Münch lives! D    D
Liens Scooter Prima NSU / NSU Prima (scooter) links Depuis.../ Since... Description Pays / Country Langues / Languages
The Motorscooter Homepage   Link site about NSU scooters USA  GB 
Max´s scooter pages   Some NSU scooters   GB GB 
A Scooter diary   A Prima diary from USA USA  GB 
Capriolo Story   Italian made with NSU- motor I
Uwe Schenke   Yet another Prima  D D  
Svenska Scooterklubben    The Swedish scooter club S
Lambretta Club Malmö     I know! but some of the guys has NSU scooters... S S 
Arno Ernst   Another Prima  restoration  D D  
nsu-        D D  
NSU Prima    Wintery scooters from Finland FIN FIN
Prima Pretis   A Yugo Pretis Prima H ?
H ?
Prima III   Anton Rosberg´s Scooter S
Schmallenberger Rollerfreunde   Scooters galore D D 
Fukkink   A Dutch PrimaD restoration  NL NL 
Kettenkrad Depuis.../ Since... Description Pays / Country Langues / Languages     German Kettenkrad site D  D   Kettenkrad from USA USA
Kettenkrad   Restoration of a Kettenkrad D  D
Liens NSU Ro 80 et Wankel / Ro80 & Wankel links Depuis.../ Since... Description Pays / Country Langues / Languages
Volquardsen´s Ro80   A man and his Ro80 D   D
M Berglund´s Wankel   The Swedish Wankel homepage  S GB
Svenska Wankel registret   The Swedish Wankel registry  S S   A wankel and Ro80 page D  D
Rotary Power Page    Wankel Spider from USA  USA  GB 
Hartmut Bucholz    Parts & service for Ro80 in south Germany  D
NSU RO 80 Club Deutschland e.V.   The german Ro80 club D
Wankel Gruppe Nord     A group of Wankel enthusiasts  D
Der     Wankels galore!  D
Jan Hullegie´s Ro80 site     The Dutch are active! Very comprahensive Ro80 sit, unfortunately not yet in English NL
Walter Hüttenhain     Comprahensive Wankel site! D  D
Rotary Engine Illustrated   Nice movies if nothing else!!  GB  GB    Odd Magnar´s new Norwegian Ro80- site   N N 
Wankel Spider     A museum car from Finland  FIN  FIN 
Spiderfahrer    A lucky owner of two Spiders  D
Tomas Sattler     Plenty of parts page for Ro80  D
Museum Autovision   A museum with a lot of Wankel and NSU:s  D
D   Jules from the UK and his brownish Ro80  GB   GB 
Liens sur la K70 / K70 Links Depuis.../ Since... Description Payx / Country Langues / Languages
Om K70   A superb VW site with info and pics on K70 S  S
Nickes K70    A happy swedish K70- owner  S  S
K70- Freunde   The German K70- Club D  D 
Axel Stauber   K70 ersatzteile  D  D
Oslo VW- club   the K70 page of an Norwegian VW club  N
K70- Riedel   K70 by Christian Riedel D  D 
Liens NSU (2 cylindres) / NSU car links (2 cylindres) Depuis.../ Since... Description   Langues / Languages
Dr Besst   A Prinz4, only a single picture, but still...  D D 
"NSU resto racing look"    A French Sport Prinz restorer F F   Argentinian Prinz III RA
Microcar Museum of Bruce Weiner   A Prinz III  GB GB 
Roines   Lots of Sport Prinzes FIN
Jaques Boyenams   Prinz cars  B NL-F
Liens NSU (4 cylindres) / NSU car links (4 cylindres) Depuis.../ Since... Description Pays / Country Langues / Languages
The mechanical orange    This is A. Kuhnerts orange TT, in Russian? RUS RUS 
The miniature Corvair   The Chevrolet Corvair club´s tribute to Prinz4   D  D 
Esa Pihjala- Kuhna´s NSU     NSU from Finland (Pentti´s son!)  FIN  FIN
The Prinz page    Hans Reeder and his nice site, with a beautiful, rare and very early 1964 Prinz 1000 NL
NL   South African NSU TTS and Sport Prinz ZA  GB
Stefan´s TYP110 page      An excellent TYP110 page, from Berlin! D   D
????      Another TTS , of unknown origin D  D 
Andreas Griwatz      TYP110 and 1200 page, nicely done  D  D
Arno Zuylen´s TT    Restoration (serious) going on  NL  NL
Hans Homburg   Comprahensive NSU car site NL NL 
NSU 1000   NSU 1000 from Belgium  by unknown author  B  NL-F 
Jean Remy Cloes    Lots of  Belgian NSU´s  B  NL-F      D
NSU TT?    Some facts about NSU GB  GB
NSU Prinz Belgien   NSU homepage from Belgium   B
NSU prinz of Italia    An Italian Prinzler I  I 
Rijkers     Jeroen and his NSU- collection  NL NL 
Bents side    lots of  Danish fun DK  DK
Günter Schneiders   TT & 1000  D D 
Lior   An Israeli NSU enthusiast  IL IL-GB 
Liens pour Thurner / Thurner links Depuis.../ Since... Description Pays / Country Langues / Languages   One of the two Danish Thurners DK  GB
NSU de course (Racing) / NSU Rennsport (Racing) Depuis.../ Since... Description Pays / Country Langues / Languages   RS Rennsport- zentrum (also in suppliers list)  D  D
NSU Berg- pokal     Bleifuss (Lead- foot) Mountain racing page D  D 
Heigo   NSU, racing accessories, Rollcages D  D
Hubert FIALKOWSKI (Sorcier Français des NSU)   Saint-Germain-des-Prés, Loiret / Centre France (Code postal 45220) F
55 langues / 55 languages
Piercemanifolds     Wait for the the nice Weber pictures to load and finally there will appear an NSU GB   GB 
Auto Technik- Tilch      Races TT & TTS Bergrennen  D
NSU- team Heidemann   24hr NSU- rennen  D
Reservdelsdepotet     A Danish Racing- NSU (ex Åge Mathiesen)  DK DK 
NSU Silhouette   NSU Racecar in French by Bruno Arnoux F   F
Simon Oijanmaan´s TTS     TTS historic racing from Finland FIN
Sälzer Motorsport    A seious Youngtimer- racer with lot´s of products  D   D 
UpFront Coolers     Some historic race pics, NSU of course, by Bill Allen



Do Diin Racing Team   Rally Cross from Finland FIN  FIN 
NSU- racing   A Spiess- tuned renner.  D
NSU- racing Belgium   Even more NSU of Belgium  B NL-F   
NSU- classic   Robin Podak´s NSU- site  D
NSU Bergrennsport   Mountain racing page  D
Liens divers concernant NSU /Miscellaneous Links with a touch of NSU Depuis.../ Since... Description Pays / Country Langues / Languages   About the companies in the city of Neckarsulm  D
 D   Das auto von Heute (I am not really sure what this is!?) USA

Metal werks   NSU metal signs USA GB
Quotazioni     Another site with market values of NSU- cars, this timein Italian Lire  I
Motorsågsmuseum   A chainsaw museum, the homepage has a pic of a two- man NSU saw. Sadly only in Swedish S S 
NSU- Kalender   NSU nicely photographed in b/w for 2004   D D 
TYP110   Someones old TYP110 S  S 
NSU 7/34 1928    The restoration of a real oldie!!  D  D 
I V S Restorations     German classic car restorations in the UK  GB GB  
Karosseribau Otte     Some body parts for NSU, including Spider D
Réunions NSU / NSU Gatherings   Depuis.../ Since... Description Pays / Country Langues / Languages
Klassiske Biler   NSU car- history in Danish, NSU bilhistoria på Dansk  DK  DK 
70´s Carnival   NSU in Japanese J J 
Motorbase   British facts- list about NSU GB   GB  
Matt´s NSU   Presentaion on NSU cars USA  GB 
Motorledgend   NSU car- history in French F F 
Bunnik     from what I understand of  French, this guy is collecting broschures F   F
Andre Leroux   More French NSU broschures F  F 
Presse sur NSU / Press about NSU Depuis.../ Since... Description Pays / Country Langues / Languages
Drive & Travel    A release about the birthday: 125years D
Liens jouets NSU / NSU toys links Depuis.../ Since... Description Pays / Country Langue / Language
Marc´s NSU models list   Marc has a good list over NSU model cars  D
Grahams Microcar Models   A list of  NSU:s toy cars NL
Papierauto   NSU:s made of paper  GB GB   Here is a NSU 1:24 slotcar  D D 
Gen II   Bertone Trapeze, Ro80 basis, argentinian model  D D 
Revell   Revell hs lot´s of  NSU in 1:18  USA GB 
Reischproject    Model kit NSU TTS 1:24 D  D 
Scale Productions   model kits  D
Automobilia   Some model cars for sale in Italy. Not cheap!  I
Antiquités Dervieux   Model cars for sale in France. Not cheap here either!  F GB 
Weibe Buising   First "official" Spot- on site on the net NL NL 
Automobilminiaturen   Options and tuning 1:18- style! D
D     Wiking K70:s D
Uli Nowak     Tuning  parts in 1:18. Tune up your new Revell model. Really really nice stuff! D
D   Maxes and Luxes in 1:10 scale D
Brunke   A model of a 1926 6/60   D
Jogis Modellautos   This guy sells tuned up 1:18 Revell models. Really really nice stuff!  D
D   The red and white Sport Prinzes and Wankel Spiders only available from Audi Tradition D
MSC Wasgau    An amazing collection of small NSU:s D   D
Motoscala Tarrago    Eur 6.000 for a 1903 NSU? well, it is in 1/6 scale  P P
Liens Divers / Miscellaneous links Depuis.../ Since... Description Pays / Country Langues / Languages
The Tin Hunter Archive     Look at the "german yard" page here and see the end station for some NSU:s D
Top´n Trim Shop   Autosattlerei, Trim Shop, Autosadelmageri, not only NSU S GB 
 Via Michelin     Find your way to the NSU- Treffen GB   GB
Autos, Général / Cars, General Contacts Description Pays / Country Langues / Languages
HH Walter
Industriweg 2,  D-32657 LEMGO
Tel: + 49 5261 72505
Fax: + 49 5261 71509
All types of spare parts for cars except Ro80, Catalogue available D   
Frank Mellman Tel: + 49 4154 85000
Fax:             "
All types of spare parts inkl, racing parts, except Ro80 D   
Jürgen Keilhofer (Sammy NSU)
Elisenstrasse 6,  D-46147 OBERHAUSEN
Tel: + 49 208 684462
Fax:             "
Racing parts and gaskets for 4cyl, own manuf, many good ideas and improved parts! Order a list!!  D  
RS Rennsportzentrum
Industriestrasse 22, D-74196  NEUENSTADT
Tel: + 49 7139 3303
Fax:+ 49 7139 3304
Racing parts for 4cyl, whole cars as well, plenty!! Used parts as well. Order a list! D   
Top´n Trim Shop Autosattlerei
Rundgangen 10 S-254 52  HELSINGBORG  SWEDEN
Fax:+ 46 42 200959
Convertible tops for Wankel Spider, Carpet sets, interior materials & weatherstriping (Dichtungen) S
Manfred Feik,
Rosengartenweg 4, D- 49565 Bramsche
Tel: + 49 5468/9234 0 
Fax + 49 5468/ 9234 24
NSU Ersatzteile, Fahrwerk, Achsschenkel-Reparatur, Felgen, Schrauben  D  
Sälzer Motorsport,
Fränkenstrasse 29D , D- 45549 Sprockhövel
Tel: + 49 2324/78495 
Fax + 49 234/ 850948
NSU Racing parts and more  D  
JP Pistons 25-31 Innes Rd
Windsor Gardens  S. Australia 5086 Australia
Tel: +61 8 8261 7222
fax: +61 8 8261 9171
Pistons, Kolben, for Prinz4, 1200 & TT AUS
Riis Glass Fax:+ 47
Windshields for NSU cars  N  
AERO SERVICE - Ing. Silhán
U Hriste 22
625 00 Brno Czech Republic

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